The Third Anniversary of English Department Al-Qolam Islamic Institute

"Your English Your Future becomes a motto in Al Qolam English Competition that is conducted by English Department of Al-Qolam Islamic Institute on march, 23 2019. The occasion that coincide with the third celebration of English Department Anniversary has improved the whole senior high school students’ potential of Malang district in the English Skills sector.

This event is sponsored by several institution. Those are Bintang Malang Raya, Bright, Primagama, Mandiri Syari’ah, and 25 Hours Advertising. Mr. Joko Wibowo, M.Pd is the owner of Bintang Malang Raya. Mr. Joko is also one of English Lecture of English Department. BMR is a Learning Institution. Mr. Budik Kusworo, M.Pd is the owner of Bright. He is also Al-Qolam Lecture. Bright is an Institution for studying too. The owner of 25 Hours Advertising is one of committee’s friend.

There are three kinds of competitions. Those are English Olympiad, News Anchor, and Story Telling. The committee incurs the judges from several institutions and university. Several of them are Students of State University of Malang, State Islamic University of Malang, IKIP Budi Utomo Malang, and also Al-Qolam Islamic Institute. Those are Anggi (State University of Malang), Nazila (State Islamic University of Malang), Izza (IKIP Budi Utomo Malang), M. Yuski, Zainul and Abrori (Al-Qolam Islamic Institute), M. Jabir, S.Pd (now is Second Degree in State Islamic University of Malang). On record, about 80 participants of 20 schools participate on the English Competition in regency territory. It is held in the morning and it is finished at 04.00 in the afternoon.

The number of participants is out of the committee expectation. it is the program that had been planned by the senior and stewardship of English Department before, and we hope that QEC will be the annual program of English Department which is held by the new generation of English Department”, hopefulness of Kholifatul Islamia as Chief of English Department.

This is the first event that is conducted by the English Department which involve the whole Senior High School Students in the Malang regency. It can not be faked that the event getting expansion of the participants, it is caused by the existence of struggle to get the Rector Trophy. this program is expected to be the way of all English potential for Senior high school students. In accordance with our motto Your English Your Future’ , said the event leader, Issaatus Saadah in her speech.

This event gets a big appreciation from all participant and the companion, but also from All rectors and Dean. The intern organization like Pagar Nusa and As-Surur join brightening the event.

A huge victory had been won by the Modern Senior High School of Ar-Rifa’I. They get 4 winners. Automatically, they get the rector trophy. Suddenly, all participants give applause. “we can not say anything. We success in conducting this event. It is a wonderful sacrifice. Wish you luck for English Department of Al-Qolam”. Said one of committee.

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